Yuri no Yume is available for MacOS X (10.4 or higher required; if you have access to a 10.3 or lower machine and would like to help me add backwards compatibility, please contact us) and x86/amd64 Linux as well as for Windows.

If you already bought the Windows version of Yuri no Yume through DLSite, I've got a patch (actually, a replacement engine) to make it run on MacOS X. To use the patch, first, download it and expand it. If decompressed properly, you will get a program named YuriNoYume-Episode_2-DLSITE.app. Put the app in the folder containing Wet Night (The correct folder contains the following subfolders: common, game, and renpy, a pair of Windows DLLs, and YuriNoYume-Episode_2-DLSITE.py and YuriNoYume-Episode_2-DLSITE.exe). If you put it in the correct folder, you should now be able to run it - it will use the game data from the Windows version.

If you want the Linux patch or compatibility patches for the first episode, contact us and we'll upload them.

If you want Mac or Linux versions of the demo, you can download them from the main Yuri no Yume page, no patch required.

Uncensor patch to remove mosaic (Note, only use this if you're legally allowed to)